A poem from one of our members.

There have been times when I’ve been feeling low and want to be alone,

I avoided going to see the ‘Mankind’ team and faced it on my own.

But later, when my head was right, I thought, ‘what a silly thing to do’,

Because, all those lovely ‘Mankind’ guys are always there for you.

So now, if I am feeling down and cannot see an end

I visit my ‘Mankind’ brothers, where I know I’ve got a friend.

About Mankind

Mankind is an informal support group for men to meet, talk and seek the help they need in a safe and friendly environment.

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You AreNot Alone

Zoom The Mankind team will be on Zoom every Wednesday from 6.30-8.30pm.
We also meet face to face the first Wednesday of every month at The Old Bank in Hampden Park.
Please do join them if you want to talk or just listen to other like-minded men.
It’s totally free to join the meeting. It’s not weak to speak.
Zoom code - 653 909 8993

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